15 Interpretations For That Weird Snake Dream You Keep Having

Before you can begin overcoming and working past a dream, you have to nail down what the dream’s message is. The above interpretations can help you get the ball rolling. Thinking about your day before the dream might help you decipher it, too.

Our dreams are a commentary on our days,” Loewenberg adds. “So, look at the day before and compare the dream to the previous day. Do the emotions correlate? Do the actions or conversation correlate? That will help you figure out exactly what it is the dream is commenting on.”

Once you think you have a good idea of what the dream is trying to tell you, you can “start working on how you can actively correct or end the situation,” she says. Once you take action and are able to resolve the issue in real life, the dream should stop. “Look at the dream not as something to be afraid of or annoyed by,” she adds. “Look at it as a huge help your subconscious has given to you.”