5 Practices To Integrate Into Your Day For An Instant Routine Refresh

While you may have set resolutions back in January, this tumultuous year very well could have thrown them off—which is why using autumn as jumpstart for getting back to them may be appealing

This flow from registered yoga teacher Claire Grieve starts off your mat, and instead with a journal where she encourages you to put the goals you want to focus on in writing. After that, you launch into a flow that requires focus, balance, and persistence, all things that are helpful in reaching goals. While moving through the eight balance-centric poses, keep your attention and awareness on the goals and continuously set the intention for making them happen—even if they’re ones you didn’t accomplish previously.

While it’s not a new year, a new season is still an opportunity for new beginnings. And though we’re still a few weeks shy of the autumnal equinox, you can start enacting some simple shifts now.