5 Way To Deal With A Partner Who’s Giving You Mixed Messages

At some point or another, many of us receive mixed messages in our relationships. Whether they mean to or not, our partners—or potential partners—may say one thing and do something else.

Perhaps he tells us how much he enjoys our company when we spend time with him, but then never responds to our texts. Or maybe she regularly promises to have us over for dinner, but then never sets up a date. With mixed messages, there is an inconsistency between words and actions.

The inconsistency between what the person says and does can drive us nuts; It leaves us feeling unclear, unsure, and irritated. We don’t know what to believe or if we can count on the other person. This uncertainty does not establish a good foundation for any relationship, let alone a romantic one. When we don’t address the mixed messages we receive, we live with insecurities and confusion that infuse our life (and relationship) with stress and anxiety. If you’re receiving mixed messages, here’s how to handle it.