7 Natural Hair Dyes That Are Seriously Salon Quality

For those who lean into clean and natural beauty products, hair dye tends to be a bit tricky. Traditional, old-school options were not only very harsh on hair (the dyeing process is notoriously damaging) but contained less-than-ideal ingredients at high concentrations. 

However, hair dyes have come a long way in recent years, with less-damaging ingredients, smarter formulations (meaning, the questionable ingredients are formulated at much lower levels), and better color payoffs. “The hardest part of hair color is the balance between limiting the chemicals that have been found to be problematic and still making sure it’s effective,” says colorist Christine Thompson, co-founder of the hair salon Spoke&Weal about hair dyes

In fact, there are actually several at-home hair dyes that are made of natural, cleaner ingredients, as we’ve found here. However, it’s not possible for hair dyes to be totally natural (unless you’re using henna), so while these are more natural options—they’re not 100%, which is fine by us as these are certainly better for you.