A Toxicologist’s Plug & Play Recipe For A More Sustainable Smoothie

The next time you’re taking the forlorn walk to your trash can or compost bin, kitchen scraps and wilted leftovers in hand, go ahead and beeline for the blender instead.

Green smoothies, in all their nutrient-packed, gut-friendly glory, are a great vehicle for using up food that would otherwise be tossed. Plenty of kitchen remains can become something more appetizing with a quick blitz (as long as they pass a smell test and don’t have mold), says mbg Collective member Rhea Mehta, Ph.D., a molecular toxicologist and the founder of Global Smoothie Day, which—what do you know!—is today.

Mehta says salads (especially ones that contain other smoothie adds like nuts and oils), fruit salads, half-juiced lemons and limes, and steamed or baked veggies can all go into your green smoothie. Even half-drunk tea can be subbed into the rotation as your liquid.

So often we toss these kinds of leftovers because their texture gets funky, but blending them up with other ingredients solves that. The resulting brew will save you a little money and the environment a little food waste.