Can You Really Have A Black Aura? We Asked The Experts To Find Out

First things first—a black aura is not the same as a dark, murky, or dingy aura. “I certainly believe there are dark energies, but I think there’s a misconception that we can have a black aura,” Susanna Merrick, founder of Aura Wear tells mbg. “You can have a very low vibrational aura when you’re feeling low or not like yourself, and you can’t emit as much energy.”

She adds that she believes energies can come over us and make us feel low, and that is likely what people are thinking about when they talk about a black aura—though it isn’t exactly accurate. The host of the Know Your Aura podcast, Mystic Michaela, agrees, saying, “I’ll see colors get very dark when something not great is going on in their life, but I wouldn’t call it black. Darkness in colors is different from black.”

Michaela adds that she’s only seen a true black aura once. “Black is kind of like a void—like their soul is not present,” she describes.

“It could also be a darkness or entity or darkness surrounding someone,” Merrick adds.