Cashews 101: Dietary Info, Well being Advantages, and Potential Drawbacks

Cashew, a major member of the household of nuts, is native to Brazil, South America, and was dropped at India by the Portuguese, who took it to Goa. Produced on a tropical evergreen tree, these nuts are candy in style and have a creamy consistency. Uncooked, roasted, salted, unsalted, you’ll find cashews in any of those varieties. This nut additionally manages to search out its method into a wide range of dishes, a few of that are an inseparable a part of Indian traditions and festivals, be it curry, kheer, biryani, and even kaju katli! Other than being a straightforward addition to a large spectrum of dishes, these tree nuts have been used to make sure dairy options like cashew milk, cashew butter, and cashew cheese too.

Along with having a wide range of well being advantages, like serving to with abdomen and stomach sicknesses, Cashews, additionally guarantee that you’ve hair and pores and skin that’s fascinating. Moreover, by way of this put up, we’ll dive deep and have a greater have a look at the dietary construction of cashew, its well being advantages, and a few of its doable drawbacks.

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Dietary Info

Similar to another necessary nut, cashews are a storehouse of power and important vitamins. They assist your physique in important methods and work in direction of making you a more healthy particular person. To have the precise details about the dietary contents of cashews, the measurements of 1 serving of cashews (28.35 grams/ approx 18 cashews) is given under:

  • 157 energy
  • 8.56 g of carbohydrate
  • 0.9 g of fiber
  • 5.17 g of protein
  • 12.43 g of whole fats
  • 1.68 g of sugar

Different Vitamins embody:

  • 10 mg of calcium 
  • 0.62 mg of copper
  • 1.89 mg of iron
  • 1.64 mg of zinc
  • 83 mg of magnesium 
  • 168 mg of phosphorus
  • 187 mg of potassium
  • Three mg of sodium

Aside from these vitamins, one may also discover Vitamin B and C in cashews. They’re additionally an ideal supply of proteins in a single’s eating regimen and include good quantities of unsaturated fat.

7 Well being Advantages of Cashews

This festival-favourite nut seems to be a supply of vitamins that may mitigate many well being situations. We are going to check out a number of prime well being advantages right here: 

1. Nice for pure eye-protection

Improves natural eye protection

With Indian cities rating amongst a few of the most extremely polluted cities internationally, we all know how dangerous the surroundings has grow to be for us. From the endless visitors jams to the dangerous UV rays and our display time growing every single day, the stress on our eyes is getting loads. Cashews include a robust antioxidant pigment that’s immediately absorbed by the retina. This helps within the formation of a layer on our eyes which protects us from dangerous UV rays. 

The power of our eyes deteriorates with age (particularly macular degeneration), however sure research have proven {that a} common consumption of the antioxidant offered by cashews might help sluggish that down too!

2. Helps forestall blood ailments

Cashews are a wealthy supply of copper, which helps in combating any an infection and sustaining your immune system. It’s broadly recognized that copper, together with iron, helps the physique in getting ready crimson blood cells.

3. Boosts and helps put together a wholesome coronary heart

Boosts and helps prepare a healthy heart

It has been confirmed by a number of research that nuts, equivalent to cashews, are stuffed with vitamins like protein, antioxidants, fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids. These assist in offering anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and heart-protective traits. Including to this, irritation and vascular reactions are additionally stored in verify with a daily consumption of the vitamins offered by these nuts. Cashews additionally include unsaturated fatty acids that assist preserve cholesterol levels in check, thereby, decreasing any hazards like stroke, cardiovascular ailments, and coronary heart assaults.

4. Aids in weight reduction

Common consumption of cashew nuts can regulate weight loss and even make it sooner. They include Omega Three fatty acids that may increase an individual’s metabolism. This helps in eliminating any extra fats. Cashew nuts present wealthy fiber and protein content material with lesser energy, serving to you keep full for lengthy.

5. Improves the well being of pores and skin and hair

Healthy skin and shiny hair

Cashews are wealthy in selenium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium, which will be fantastic in your pores and skin. It’s also a supply of proteins, antioxidants, and plant-based chemical compounds that support in conserving your pores and skin wholesome and keep away from any wrinkles. Because it comprises antioxidants, cashews promote new cells to develop to make sure that the pores and skin’s elasticity stays intact.

In accordance with varied specialists, consuming cashews and making use of cashew nut oil to 1’s scalp might help within the manufacturing of a pigment referred to as melanin — the copper current in cashews aids with this. There are additionally sure oleic and linoleic acids current that lend a silky end to the hair and enhance hair color.

6. Boosts your intestine

Cashews are wealthy in dietary fiber which helps within the digestion course of and likewise offers meals for the gut-friendly micro organism. This helps in good gut health and prevents intestinal points.

7. Strengthens your bones

Improves Bone Health

Along with calcium, magnesium can also be extraordinarily essential for wholesome bones. Each of them in stability might help in bettering nerve regulation and muscle firming. Magnesium retains calcium in verify, and cashews can act as an ideal supply for it.

Potential Downsides of Cashews

Whereas we’ve praised cashews immensely for being a storehouse of implausible vitamins, there are some doable downsides to their consumption.

  • Uncooked cashews that haven’t been processed in any respect will be dangerous to eat as they’ve a poisonous substance (normally present in poison ivy). If contact is made with it, one will be on the receiving finish of pores and skin reactions. Thus, it’s best to decide on dry roasted or uncooked cashew varieties.
  • Cashew nuts additionally include phytates that may make it troublesome in your physique to have the ability to soak up the minerals and nutritional vitamins that the nuts have. Nevertheless, Soaking nuts can cut back the phytate content material.
  • People who find themselves normally allergic to tree nuts will be allergic to cashews as properly.
  • Cashews have a noticeable quantity of oxalic acid, and if not consumed in average quantities, they are often a difficulty for individuals who have kidney illnesses, and people who are susceptible to getting kidney stones.


All in all, cashew nuts are an excellent nutritious meals that may give you wonderful well being advantages. Proper out of your coronary heart to your intestine, these kidney-shaped nuts appear to have taken care of a wide range of illnesses all by themselves. With only a common consumption of cashews, you’ll be able to just be sure you obtain many favorable vitamins. Saved correctly in an air-tight container, it is possible for you to to take pleasure in these tasty snacks all year long. Simply do not forget that an excessive amount of of the whole lot is dangerous and one ought to preserve a watch on their consumption. Aside from that, these deliciously creamy nuts are the best way to go!

Incessantly Requested Questions

Q. Are roasted cashews higher for one’s well being than uncooked cashews?

A. Uncooked cashews are higher than roasted, as roasting can destroy the great omega3 fatty acids which may decrease ldl cholesterol.

Q. Can vegans eat cashews of their eating regimen?

A. Cashews are a plant meals supply and might safely be consumed by vegans.

Q. What number of cashews ought to one eat in a day?

A. 1 serving of cashews is roughly 30 grams or about 15-18 cashews.

Q. Can cashews be dangerous in your well being?

A. Since cashews are excessive in energy and fats, portion management is necessary. Additionally, the anti nutrient compounds in cashews will not be appropriate for kidney sufferers if eaten in massive quantities. Cashews are additionally not suited to anybody with nut allergy.

Q. Is it okay to eat a cashew apple?

A. Sure, cashew apples will be eaten uncooked or cooked however don’t eat the nut hooked up to it because it comprises a toxin. The nut must be dried earlier than consuming it.