Celebrate World Plant Milk Day With This Summer Squash Bake Recipe

It’s 2020 and we’re looking for any excuse to celebrate. Today’s reason? It’s World Plant Milk Day and, given we’re the type to turn to plants for everything from our a.m. oat milk latte to our p.m. almond milk chocolate mousse, it only seems appropriate that we go all out with a shareable recipe that’s sure to wind up on high rotation. 

If you’ve been to the farmers market lately, you’ll be all-too-aware that it is well and truly summer squash season. We love this lower-carb, vitamin-rich vegetable, and it makes the perfect base for a bake that will feed a family or can be stashed for leftovers all week. 

We’ve used Califia’s Protein Oat Milk in the recipe because it combines the goodness of plant milk with the nutrition of dairy milk. It includes 8 grams of plant protein per serving, is rich in omega-3, -6, and -9, and has 45% more calcium than dairy milk. It also happens to taste delicious on its own, so make sure to try it in your morning matcha or coffee, too!