Corn Isn’t Always Bad: Nutritionists Share The Healthiest Way To Eat It

“Corn is versatile and there’s so many ways to enjoy it,” Agyeman says. “You can add the kernels to soups, salads, vegetable dishes, or served on its own with butter or olive oil and seasonings.” Since corn can be high in starch, pairing it with a less starchy vegetable, like zucchini, can be beneficial. 

To preserve the nutrients, Agyeman says steaming fresh or frozen corn is the best cooking method—especially compared to boiling. “Boiling dissolves most of corn’s nutrients into the cooking water,” she explains. 

Popcorn can also be a healthy and filling snack, but Thomas recommends popping and seasoning the kernels at home. “If you’re buying bagged popcorn, sometimes you can get bogged down with a lot of unnecessary oils and sodium,” she says. 

Craving corn yet? Try this instant noodle bowl, vegan jackfruit tacos, or simply grill it for a savory side.