Get After Your Glutes With These 7 At-Home Functional Exercises

Sure, you’ve probably seen countless workouts offerings to build and sculpt you butt. But in my experience, first as a professional dancer and then a fitness trainer, I’ve found a functional approach to glutes workouts is way more favorable.

That’s why, as a lead trainer at P.volve, I love teaching their “pre-hab” method, which helps your body move the way it was physically designed to. By strengthening your glutes and articulating your pelvis and hips in various angles, like the exercises I’ve outline below, you’re helping your body’s postural imbalances and increasing your overall mobility. In doing so, it prepares your body for everyday life, including all its expected and unexpected movements.

The best thing about these exercises is not only do they feel amazing while you are doing them, but they also benefit your mind and body long afterward. For a complete workout, go through each exercise, one after the other.