Hold On; You May Not Have Blackheads On Your Nose: Here’s What They Really Are

“These little black spots are smaller and much more difficult to get rid of with pressure,” she continues. That’s because they’re not a type of acne at all: These black specks might actually be trichostasis spinulosa disorder, where the follicles become trapped with tiny, vellus hairs. Hairs! 

So the reason you see dark spots isn’t because of oxidized open comedones—you may have little hairs growing out of the pore. While it can happen anywhere you have pores, the most common areas seem to be along the cheeks and nose (aka, where blackheads frequently cluster up). 

The “disorder” also sounds a bit scarier than it actually is: Oftentimes, trichostasis spinulosa goes undiagnosed for ages—the hairs are super tiny, so you may only notice it when examining with a magnifier of some sort. And if you do have it? Totally fine! Annoying, yes, but the little hairs should do no harm.