Lashes Wilt As You Get Older: 5 Ways To Save Them From Their Impending Droop

Firm, bouncy skin. Full, lush brows. A plump pout. What do all these beauty goals have in common? Well, they start to dwindle as we get older. The same goes for lifted, Bambi-like lashes: Unfortunately, eyelashes lose their luster with age. 

Specifically, they thin. Ever notice how a baby’s eyelashes are enviously thick? That’s because their hair and skin are chock-full of collagen and other essential proteins, ones that eventually deplete with time. (It’s also because babies’ eyes are relatively bigger than their faces, which can make their lashes look longer and fuller. But anyway…) As you age, these levels deplete, meaning you lose hair and regrowth slows. Eventually, you’ll start to see those once lush lashes starting to look, uh, lackluster.

Wilting lashes isn’t only an aesthetic gripe: It also goes hand-in-hand with dryness and breakage. To save your flutters from their impending droop, here are five ways to help keep them young and spry: