Lines Around The Mouth Are Notoriously Tricky: A Supplement To Help

Unfortunately, smile lines are one of the harder wrinkle types to lessen. (In fact, most traditional experts say that filler is really your only option to get these to go away.) This is because their cause isn’t fully a skin thing—it’s more about the facial structures behind the skin. Thus, in order to ease and manage their appearance, we must be extra precious with keeping skin taut, supple, and healthy. This may not change the underlying issue, but it will help smooth out the area. 

How do we do this? A healthy aging supplement, like mindbodygreen’s nr+, can help support skin’s texture—smoothing out wrinkles and folds—as well as helping manage them so they don’t get deeper.* 

The namesake of the formula is something called nicotinamide riboside (NR), which when ingested turns into a coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+).* This molecule is vital for healthy cell function, as it supports your cell’s mitochondrial function. Your mitochondria, if you need a reminder, are the powerhouse of the cells, which turn nutrients into energy. With strong, healthy mitochondria come youthful, exuberant skin that is able to bounce back, function optimally, and give you that supple glow. 

In combination with NR, the supplement has a potent addition of phytoceramides. Ceramides are part of our natural structure of skin: They are the part that keeps the epidermis hydrated, supple, and plump. Supporting your ceramides with phytoceramide supplements can help that barrier stay strong, warding off wrinkles and other signs of aging.* The anti-aging powers of phytoceramides have been borne out in studies, showing improved skin smoothness and elasticity in just weeks.*

And finally, you can protect skin with antioxidants, like the potent astaxanthin. The ingredient helps fight free radicals from things like food, pollution, stress, and sun exposure.* Free radicals, we know, are some of the leading causes of wrinkles and fine lines as they break down vital skin care structural components.