Love Lemon Water? Try This No-Waste Method To Get The Most From Your Citrus

If you’re anything like the team here at mbg, lemon water might be a part of your regular routine (read: it definitely is). A popular morning option and a staple in morning routines, this simple beverage is a tried-and-true classic that helps us stay hydrated.

But for every glass of lemon water, we’re left tossing a lemon wedge in our compost bin and wishing we’d thought to buy more lemons at our most recent grocery run. Luckily, no-waste chef Max La Manna has a (sort of genius) solution that we’ll definitely be giving a try. In a video shared on his Instagram earlier this week, he showed how to use the whole lemon—yep, all of it—to make no-waste lemon cubes that will be sure to give your water that lovely lemon flavor.