Morning, Night—Or Afternoon Delight? Experts On The Best Time To Have Sex

For those who aren’t early birds, the thought of morning sex might just make you want to hit snooze. “Many people like to get up, shower, and brush their teeth before sex, and by then the moment’s gone,” Nelson says. “For others, morning sex can make them feel tired and not so vitalized.”

But by the time bedtime rolls around, the energy required for sex is simply not there. “Fewer people enjoy sex at night than you’d think,” she notes, adding, “Although their motives might be good, and they might have thought about it all day, sex at the end of a busy day isn’t always ideal.”

So while a bit less common than morning or evening sex, the afternoon is a good option if you know you’re going to be spent by the end of the day.

“Finding a time when both of you are rested and can take a break, without being exhausted, or when your work or family life doesn’t interfere, would be ideal,” Nelson says, adding that this may, of course, be easier said than done.