Most Beauty Products Will End Up In The Landfill: These 13 Brands Won’t

The beauty industry, we know, needs to make significant strides toward a more sustainable future. We need to do this in all areas of the industry, from responsibly sourced ingredients that don’t deplete our natural reserves to finding biodegradable formulas that don’t harm our soil and waterways. 

One of the more obvious areas we have loads of room for improvement is packaging: Not only do we produce a significant amount of product (TerraCycle estimates there are 120 billion units of product produced each year), but much of what is produced is single-use plastic. Even if you do your best, much of what you toss in the blue bin likely still will end up in the landfill as beauty bottles are notoriously hard to properly recycle. That’s a lot of beauty products that will end up cluttering our earth and oceans. 

So, it’s decidedly not a great situation. But, don’t let perfectionism be the enemy of the good: Just because there are significant challenges to recycling your empties doesn’t mean you can’t actively shop at brands that overall do better. 

Here, some of our favorites.