No Hot Tools, No Problem — How To Style Curls Sans Heat

However, if you’re working with straight to waves, you may need a little additional help with creating curls. “For straight hair, I suggest using rollers on lightly damp hair with a holding gel and then let air dry,” says Fekkai. Or if you already have curls and are looking to edit your specific curl type, you can look for rollers of a different diameter than your normal ringlets. 

Rollers, of course, come in many shapes and sizes. Reach for Velcro options to fake a blowout, sponges for bouncy spirals, or flexirods for tighter ringlets. 

As Branch notes, “Start with clean, damp hair and apply a setting lotion or a leave-in conditioner. Use spiral hair curlers, dry sponges, or rod rollers, but just make sure they don’t tug or damage your hair. Be gentle to your hair when placing pins/clips/clamps, and never pull your hair too tightly. Once your hair is dry, finger brush your hair and finish it off with a texturizing spray.”