Our 7 Fave Root Touch-Ups To Keep You Looking & Feeling Salon-Fresh

Are you one to color your hair? Well, then you’ll know all about this oft bemoaned struggle: Your roots growing in, revealing that the lush color you traditional sport is perhaps, well, not of the natural variety. Now, typically those trying to cover up grays tend to complain about re-growth more often, but it’s a soft spot for really anyone trying to minimize the look of a harsh line. 

What can you do? Well, you can book an appointment with your go-to colorist or run to the store and grab your handy at-home dye, but if that’s just not an option in a pinch, you may consider having a root touch up on hand. These little powders, sprays, and temporary dyes make it so easy to conceal unwanted strands or help blend a harsh line, ideal for when you need help between sessions

But how to find one best for you? Especially if you tend to lean more into the natural and clean beauty end of the spectrum? Well, there are certainly options, with a wide range of textures, applications, and shades. So no matter your need, you’ll find something here to love.