Our Horoscope Called & Apparently Some Secrets Are Surfacing On Friday

This will certainly come in handy for healing residual madness from the workweek. Get ready for social change in every way. You could make a clean break from a myopic group whose small-minded opinions make smoke shoot out of your ears.

This forward-thinking mashup draws together people who want to change the world for the better—and not just for a select handful of folks. Been stuck in your comfort zone, romantically speaking? Thanks to this boundary-busting mashup, love knows no limits. Keep an open mind and see where you’re led.

Single and looking? Soften your focus on Saturday and you could swoon for someone refreshingly unlike your usual type. Longtime couples can bring back some sizzle by adding experimental plans to the weekend calendar. Anything from an interactive burlesque show to a group karaoke hang will do…as long as it’s something decidedly out of the ordinary for you two.