Remember Your Sourdough Starter? Use It To Make This Fermented Beverage

Just a few months ago, it seemed like at least half of people we know had suddenly taken up bread baking—and sourdough, specifically, had a serious uptick in popularity. Now that the craze has died down, and even though you may still be baking loaf after loaf, keeping up a sourdough starter means constant discards.

And while there’s plenty of fun options for what you can make with that discard, this is a fresh take that we’re definitely going to be trying. From new cookbook The Sourdough School: Sweet Baking, the basic idea is a fermented beverage, along the vein of a kombucha—but starting with your starter instead of with a SCOBY—and it’s known as a “sourdough fizz.”

“Sourdough fizz is a sparkling, fruity, acidic, slightly sweet, aromatic fermented drink,” writes Vanessa Kimbell, author of the book and operator of The Sourdough School, where they focus on nutrition and digestibility of bread and the broader health of the gut microbiome.

One of the essential components of making the fizz is remembering to ‘burp’ the mixture—but luckily, Kimbell has some tips to make sure the bottle won’t explode: “First, leave the bottle where you will see it often (in the School, we leave it next to the coffee machine). Secondly, set an alarm or reminder on your phone as a back-up.”