September Horoscope: 5 (Yes, 5) Planets Are Now In Retrograde

This month, the headline news is that Mars, the planet of aggression and drive, will turn retrograde in its home sign of Aries from September 9 to November 13. Mars is making an extended visit to Aries from June 27 to January 6. This will cause tempers to roil and hotheadedness to spike. There’s little to no pause between stimulus and response right now.

And while it’s important that people don’t feel silenced or suppressed, it’s equally vital that we speak from an informed and mindful place. That’s not easy with so much pain churning up a wellspring of feelings from the deepest parts of our collective psyche.

The upside of Mars retrograde is that it will reduce the world’s emotional temperature from a boil to a simmer. Instead of being reactive, we may find the space to be proactive—which is in everyone’s ultimate best interest. They adage of “respond instead of react” will help us through Mars retrograde.

The tricky part is that Mars in reverse can cause us to stuff down our anger, creating the effect of a dormant volcano. All that suppressed rage could explode when Mars turns direct on November 13, one day after the already volatile Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of November 12. (We don’t like to post scary predictions, but we feel it’s our duty to report on the range of possibilities so you can be prepared.)