The 5 Best Masks (The, Uh, Beauty Kind) For Every Type Of Maskne, Explained

The struggle with maskne is very much real. It’s by no means aggravating enough to stop wearing the face coverings entirely, but the frustration with mask-induced breakouts certainly has beauty fans searching high and low for something—anything!—to combat this 2020 skin care problem.

To which, we propose: Why not address a mask-induced issue with a mask-inspired solution? It’s not just a cute play on words—applying a face mask (the, uh, beauty kind) after hanging up your protective gear can supply your skin with the heavy-duty actives it needs. Even if masking isn’t in your regular repertoire, consider throwing a few formulas into the mix; after all, your skin may need a bit more TLC right now.

Whether you need an extra hydration boost for irritated skin or a clarifying moment for stubborn breakouts, these five products have got you covered—well, in a different way than your face covering.