The Key To A Great Night’s Sleep? This Naturopathic Doctor Says It Begins The Moment You Wake Up

At the end of the day (get it?!), having a sound pre-bed relaxation ritual can go a long way. “Stress comes from either replaying everything that’s happened in your day, or projecting anything that’s about to happen,” says Dr. Erin. So as we lie in bed at night, it’s imperative that our minds are in the here and now.

The key to a good wind down routine is to make it second nature. Taking a warm shower, dimming the lights, and listening to a guided meditation are all ironclad practices in Dr. Erin’s routine. “I even look at supplements as part of this routine,” she says. “I take MegaFood Herbal Sleep, a botanical blend that includes time-honored, traditional herbs like valerian, hops, passion flower and ashwagandha, that serve this unique and important purpose in our modern lives.”