The Underrated Oil This RD Uses On All Of Her Meals, Both Sweet & Savory

Feller personally uses pumpkin seed oil in two, equally delicious ways: as a salad dressing (the nutty flavor enhances any veggies you decide to toss into the mix), and as a dessert drizzle. “One of my friends takes a full-fat yogurt and pours pumpkin seed oil over it as a dessert,” she says. “It is ridiculously good.” 

Pumpkin seed oil has such a versatile flavor, that it works with just about any meal you make. Just make sure to use it as a finishing step, rather than a sauté on the stove—pumpkin seed oil has a smoke point of 320 degrees, so you don’t want to be cooking with it. Rather, drizzle it on all your favorite dishes, use it as a finishing step for roasted veggies, or impart a toasty flavor on desserts á la Feller.