Think You Have Combination Skin? 4 Ways To Tell + How To Care For It

No matter what products you choose—acid-containing cleansers, potent serums, pads, et al—AHAs and BHAs are great to add to a combination skin routine, especially if you’re facing some breakouts. Downie is especially partial to glycolic acid, if your skin can handle it: “It improves the texture and tone of the skin,” she says. If your skin falls on the more sensitive side (yes, combination skin can also be sensitive!), you may want to stick to lactic acid, which is known for being more gentle on the skin.  

Regardless, make sure you’re not overdoing it with the exfoliation: “Just because some areas of your face might produce excessive oil, that doesn’t make your skin ‘oily,’ so one must make sure to not treat combination skin with harsh over-drying skin care products,” Aguilar adds.