This Integrative Medicine Doctor Put Personalized Supplement Packs To The Test

I am really careful about taking supplements as I know that more is not always better. As a physician, I often see people experiencing side effects or adverse reactions from taking supplements and medications because they’re either taking too many or self-prescribing the wrong kind. Studies really don’t support taking a significant amount of supplements, especially if they are not tailored to your health! 

Therefore, I’m very picky and a minimalist with my personal supplement routine—my goal is to be super consistent with taking the right supplements for my body rather than putting a bunch of supplements into a routine that I know I won’t stick with.

Like so many people, I’ve been feeling more stressed this year, and my sleep is often interrupted—quarantine dreams are real! I started to think about the advice I have given my patients and friends during this time and how I could apply it to my own life (yep, even M.D.’s forget to prioritize their health from time to time!). I’m a big believer that, with the right tools, we don’t have to internalize outside stress, and supplements and lifestyle tweaks are two of my go-to tools. 

I decided to try Rigr Centrum’s RigrPrint because I was intrigued by the idea of a holistic approach to supplementation and their claim—”A revolutionary wellness tool that provides a holistic analysis, wellness plan and supplement recommendation tailored to your unique needs“—really spoke to me. 

This is something I always recommend my patients do—get a holistic analysis before just picking supplements randomly. So, I signed up and filled out the questionnaire. It took less than five minutes, I was pleasantly surprised that it covered a lot in a short time, and at the end, they picked out the supplements that were right for me, along with suggestions on lifestyle tweaks to make.

RigrPrint chose magnesium and L-theanine for me—both of which I have tried before separately but never in combination.