This Often-Used Hair Product Is Likely The Cause Of Dull Hair

People lean on dry shampoo for several reasons: to absorb sweat post-workout, give hair a bit more life between washes, and even add some hold or thickness to styles. The problem, however, is we know dry shampoo is not that great for overall hair and scalp health

Dry shampoo has a nasty propensity for clogging hair follicles, leading to inflammation and even premature shedding. We also know that thanks to the sticky texture of the product, it doesn’t come off all that easily—so even if you do shampoo regularly, there may be some residue clinging to your otherwise healthy strands and scalp. 

This leads us to the dull hair problem: “I’m not a fan of dry shampoo because the buildup will make the hair dull,” says colorist Abby Haliti. “Less is more when it comes to healthy hair!”

Yes, your dry shampoo habit may be getting in the way of your hair’s natural shine. See, dry shampoo by its nature is fairly mattefying (it needs to be in order to do its job of absorbing oil at the root). So right off the bat, you’re inhibiting your hair’s light-reflecting properties. Now, this is beneficial when your strands are oil-slick and you want to tone it down. 

And as a reminder, dry shampoo is notoriously difficult to shampoo out. (“The issue lies with the fact that dry shampoo becomes difficult to sufficiently wash out of your hair,” expert trichologist and hairstylist Shab Reslan previously told us. “Harsher cleansing shampoos or scalp scrubs do a better job at removing dry shampoo, but even then, using such products too often has its own side effects, including overcleaning the hair and drying out or irritating the scalp.”) So even if dry shampoo isn’t an everyday habit, there’s a good chance there’s some sticking around post-shower—leading to less-than-lustrous hair.