This One-Ingredient Face Mask Will Give Your Skin Maximum Hydration

It’s the easiest DIY recipe: Product formulator Jana Blankenship, founder of the natural beauty brand Captain Blankenship, says yogurt makes a sublime face mask all on its own. Just slather on some plain, full-fat Greek yogurt and boom—a skin-softening face mask. That’s because the goop itself contains a fair share of lactic acid, a chemical exfoliant that gently sloughs dead skin cells and brightens the complexion. Additionally, “Naturally rich in zinc and probiotics, yogurt helps fight inflammation,” notes Blankenship. 

And while Greek yogurt tends to have the best consistency for face masks, you can also choose coconut or soy yogurt for a vegan option—just try to find one that includes added probiotics, so your skin microbiome can still reap the benefits. 

Regardless, yogurt on its own makes for quite the skin-healthy goop. But if you’re looking to give your face mask a little more oomph, you can mix in some other kitchen ingredients for extra skin benefits: