We Know What We’re Making For Lunch: Rainbow Grain Bowls

Grain bowls are the answer for any lunch rut, if you ask us—and YouTuber Dzung Lewis agrees, which is why this uber-adaptable recipe pops up in The Honeysuckle Cookbook, her newly published debut cookbook.

“Grain bowls are more of an ingredient-rich compilation than an actual recipe,” she writes, “For me, they tend to be a mix of whatever looks good in my fridge, and I encourage you to get inspiration from what’s already on hand.”

But if you need a little more direction (because sometimes it’s weirdly actually nice to just follow step-by-step instructions), this colorful combination is a perfect place to start.

“It gets really fun when the bowls are colorful and have playful textures,” writes Lewis, “My rainbow bowl (or shall we say “rain-bowl”?) highlights every bold color and makes for a filling lunch or dinner.” Not only that, but it’s also a great option for meal prepping and making ahead—she recommends packing portions in mason jars to keep for the week.