What To Expect On Your First Day In Couples’ Therapy, In Case You’re Curious

While every couple will have specific goals or issues they’re looking to work on, the objective of the therapist is to facilitate communication, honesty, and healing between them.

“A therapist knows how to help couples get to the real trouble [at the heart of the issue] and can teach skills or appropriate referrals to help them through it,” marriage therapist Linda Carroll M.S., LMFT, explains. Those skills include honesty, how to express emotional needs, and how to settle disagreements, for example.

“Couples often come to get help with attachment injuries, growing apart, wanting more sexual connection, and needing to relate to one another differently,” licensed marriage and family therapist Lexx Brown-James, Ph.D., LMFT, tells mbg.

“The main issue people always come in for is communication; I don’t find that to be necessarily true, though,” she adds. “A lot of the time, people understand what the other is saying; they’re just not honest in what they are communicating.”