Where To Put Your Houseplants, A Room-By-Room Feng Shui Guide

While fake flowers aren’t “bad” in feng shui per se, they can be surprisingly hard to maintain. You have to keep them incredibly clean as they are magnets for dust. You also won’t get the same feelings of growth from an artificial plant, and it won’t carry the same motivating energy as a live plant. You can, however, achieve some great symbolism and beauty whether your plants are real or artificial.

One final note: Always look up a plant’s needs before purchasing to make sure it will be able to thrive in your home given its lighting, humidity, etc. And be sure to make sure they aren’t poisonous for your pets, as many common houseplants are not pet-friendly.

Explore what’s local to jumpstart your indoor garden or expand your current collection. You’ll feel the magnetic, uplifting, inspiring shift instantly with every plant that enters your home!