Yes, You Need To Clean Your Hot Tools: Try This 3-Minute Hack

Over TikTok, NYC-based hairstylist Matt Newman offers this all-natural hack: Use a lemon to scrub away all the sticky residue. It’s similar to how you might clean up a grimy pan—the lemon’s high-acid content can properly lift up all the gunk. Plus, it’ll give your hot tools a fresh, citrus scent. 

There are a couple of avenues to explore here. First, Newman says, you can squeeze some lemon juice on a paper towel and scrub any visible spots. Or you can drench the towel in lemon juice and water, wrapping it around the metal plates and letting it soak for a beat (the marks should rub clean off). Finally, you can simply cut a lemon in half and rub the citrus directly on the tool—just like you might to brighten up steel cookware. 

Of course, make sure your hot tools are unplugged and cooled off before giving them a clean, and allow your device to dry completely before cranking up the heat.