‘Younger’ Actress Sutton Foster Shares The Longevity Practices She Swears By

Yes, Foster makes her fitness practice a priority—but it’s always about her well-being, not her looks. After growing up as a dancer and then entering a career as a Broadway performer, “I actually resented that I was supposed to look a certain way. It all made me very angry.” 

In order to have a positive relationship with fitness, “the only way I could do it with a healthy mindset was if I thought of it for health—for longevity, for heart health, for lung health,” says Foster. “If in any way it crept in [my mind] that ‘I want my butt to look a certain way or fit into a smaller size’ I literally won’t do it. It pisses me off.”

Now, as a mom, that focus on longevity and strength has become even more vital. “I want to teach my daughter [fitness] is part of staying healthy,” she says. “I feel better, I feel strong, I can do more—that’s the reason behind it. That’s what motivates me, as opposed to emulating some body type. It’s made me feel more confident in my own body.” 

In fact, Foster has never felt better about herself, inside and out: “I never felt comfortable in a bathing suit in my 20s and 30s—but now, being a mom, having a regular exercise routine, eating healthy, I don’t want to miss a moment of jumping off the diving board or playing in the sand with my kid—I just have embraced it all,” she says, adding “I think it’s also being 45, I’m tired of being ashamed of my body that has gotten me so far. I feel more empowered, and I’m also tired of it restricting my fun.”

Between her nutrition, mental health, and physical well-being practices—Foster is, at the risk of sounding cliché, truly living her best life. And I, for one, plan to take a few leaves out of her inspirational book. 

At the end of our conversation, she left me with one last empowering sentiment about where she is on her own health journey: “I feel a strength—it’s me and I’m strong,” she says. “And that’s what it is about health and longevity: you have this inner strength to embrace all of you.”